Sal and Judy’s Products is a company built by Chef Sal Impastato who runs his kitchen daily. His cuisine is Sicilian Creole and believes in giving his customers all natural, premium quality products at the best price. Chef Sal does not believe in cutting corners in process or ingredients. We have superior products because we use superior ingredients and process. “We love and care about what we do”  He also offers 100% money back guarantee on all our products.

What makes Sal & Judy’s products special?


Consumers have become educated about the products that they buy. Chef Sal is the creator and has manufactured his products for 20 years. All the recipes are HIS creations and he is still involved in the day to day operations in every quality aspect of the product from ingredient selection, process & new product development


Sal and Judy’s Restaurant is reviewed better than all other Italian restaurants in a review by Zagat as well as many others. It is also among the highest rated restaurants in the greater New Orleans area.


Our products are an exceptional value in the premium sauce category.


Our products have been exceptionally successful in the region for over 20 years. We have a proven history of customer loyalty.


Many of our products are labeled Creole Italian or New Orleans Sicilian. Ee have flavors that are more aggressive and appeal to a specific consumer as well as products that are more traditional and have a broad appeal.


We have an authentic compelling story to tell.