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Sal and Judy’s is an Italian restaurant located in Lacombe, Louisiana. The success of Sal and Judy’s restaurant is apparent in it’s loyal customer base and sizable dinner crowds, despite it’s rather remote location. Customers arrive from all over South Louisiana to get a taste of where Creole Italian has been perfected.

Lacombe reminded Chef Sal Impastato of his hometown in Sicily, where he grew up. He also enjoyed the area’s great fishing and seafood. Chef Sal ignored people’s doubts that Lacombe was too small of a town and setup his gourmet restaurant in a tiny, 1800 sq. ft. space where he offered a menu of homemade Italian recipes infused with authentic Creole influences.

Chef Sal’s menu consists of local Louisiana ingredients tossed into classic Italian dishes. While he has a few dishes that are straight out of any Sicilian kitchen and some that would be right at home in any famous New Orleans establishment, the best items on the menu are those that combine the best of both worlds.

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