We Have Partnered with Ochsner Eat Fit!

We have partnered with Ochsner Eat Fit to come up with delicious recipes that satisfy your cravings and keep your health goals on track!

Ochsner Fitness Center’s registered dietitian, Molly Kimball, does an amazing job of making it easy for followers to make the healthy choice whether they are dining out or shopping at their local grocer.

The Ochsner Eat Fit program has approved our Heart Smart sauces in addition to our creole creole seasonings.

Sal and Judy’s™ carries a line of “Heart Smart” sauces that are 100% natural ingredients, glueten free, no trans fat, no added sugar, no cholesterol and contains 76% less sodium than regular sauces (135mg).

Sal and Judy’s™ Heart Smart Pasta Sauces are both healthy and delicious!

Our Heart Smart sauces include:

Sal and Judy’s™ Heart Smart Original

Sal and Judy’s™ Heart Smart Chunky Sauce

Sal and Judy’s™ Heart Smart Roasted Garlic